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Woman`s Gala 2020

I would like to start off saying what a wonderful way to celebrate Woman! Beautiful Gala night in a building full of Talented, Powerful, and Independent young ladies from all over having a great time in Bradford, Ont.

Very spacious, well thought out design and elegant decor all come together for a magical night not to forget. All the woman looked absolutely stunning!!

This event was Hosted by NLSE

Sponsored by Vaughan Chrysler

Organizations that were present to show support and share inspiring knowledge were:

SWAN - Successful Woman Always Networking

What more can i say about the Entertainment.... it was fantastic! blown away by all the performers and music. Everyone was having such a great time.

Thank you to all the woman who took the time to come out and support this event! this would no have been possible without all of you! What a special night


If you are looking for your own personal photos taken this night please visit this link below

Photos can be downloaded at full resolution. if you have any questions or Concerns feel free to reach out to me

Alberto Barros


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