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Tyson 1st Communion

Baby Tyson is all smiles on his big day!! God Bless you Tyson


Someone was excited to to get get going early in the morning. Tyson looked adorable in his little suit and bow tie, the GodParents and Grandparents came over to help dress and make sure he got a lot love and wish him good luck.


We had to display his outfit and tiny jewelry, so adorable and may i add he has good taste!


Tyson was such a well behaved baby so clam, quite, and accepting. This was a very important milestone achievement in his young life.

With such a loving and supporting family, I have no doubt Tyson is going to have a glowing future!


Great attention to detail and style paid off. With this amazing blue and white Tyson & Co theme, it looked stunning. The choice of flowers, Venue, sweets and decor was such a great idea and it looked so well put together! Great job to the team for all the effort.

I loved the little blue box on the tables, so cute


how delicious does this look??

The dinner was:

-Caldo Verde (soup)

-Fillets with rice salad and battered shrimp, and then for the meat lovers....

-Chicken Breast, steak, round potato, and your green beans with carrot

to wash your meal down,

-A tasty vanilla crepe and chocolate ice cream combo and berries

Later in the Evening they opened the sweets table, I`m hoping everyone has dental insurance.


After the great speeches and baby dances, it was time to party and take pictures at the photo booth. Everyone was having such a great time young and old.

What a night

God Bless you Tyson on your 1st Communion!!

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